What is S&G Leather?

  S&G Leather is a natural leather made in Japan that has far superior antibactenal and antibacterial deodorant proportios than conventional leather.



“I want to deliver safe leather that you can touch with peace of mind.”

  With the recent corona disease, the need for safety and security is increasing. As a result of thinking about what we Tanner can do in a world that is undergoing major changes, we arrived at “development of leather that can be touched with peace of mind.
“It was around that time that SATO Mfg was approached to jointly develop a new antibacterial leather.With SATO Mfg which manufactures bags and small items, we have a common desire to “deliver products of reliable quality to our customers,” and we have a track record of jointly developing apparel products.
With the cooperation of SATO Mfg we were able to further strengthen our desire to develop unprecedented safe and secure leather.


Utilizing the goodness of natural leather

Since our founding, we have been working on the development of high quality Unfinished leather.Unfinished leather is leather that uses almost no chemicals such as colorants and finishes on the dyed leather.By doing so, you can bring out the unique look of leather.Needless to say, the texture and texture of the leather itself is an attraction not found in other mass-produced materials.Therefore, in the development of new antibacterial leather, in addition to the antibacterial and deodorant effects, we paid close attention not to impair the soft touch and touch of the leather.


After trial and error, we arrived at “antibacterial leather”

  Antibacterial treatment of leather materials is not uncommon in fact. Therefore, the new antibacterial leather is required to have an “unprecedented antibacterial effect”. In other words, in the long history of leather materials, it was necessary to develop new technologies that did not yet exist. This was a big challenge for us and for the leather manufacturing industry. We continued to search for the most effective technology by making prototypes of antibacterial leather, conducting tests on antibacterial effects against various bacteria, and repeating this spiral over and over again. Meanwhile, we will reach a big discovery. One day, when I tested a prototype that took a different approach, it turned out that it had the effect of reducing bacteria rather than suppressing the growth of bacteria attached to leather. This meant that it exerted a higher level of antibacterial effect than the conventional antibacterial effect. As we became more confident in this discovery, we continued our research and development.Finally, we have succeeded in putting “S&G Leather”, an antibacterial leather that significantly reduces bacteria attached to leather, into practical use.  


Difference between new antibacterial leather and conventional antibacterial leather

The antibacterial effect of S&G leather is far superior to the conventional antibacterial effect. While the purpose of the conventional antibacterial effect is mainly deodorant, the antibacterial effect of S&G leather is not only deodorant but also stops or reduces the activity of bacteria harmful to the human body.


What S&G Leather can achieve

  With increasing awareness of infectious disease prevention, many people disinfect bags, wallets, and smartphone cases that they touch every day with alcohol.It’s an important preventative effort, but it’s difficult to keep going every day. If you use S&G Leather for the leather products that you use around you, you should be able to reduce the time and effort required for disinfection. Indigenous skin flora and harmful bacteria on the surface of S&G Leather are reduced by about 99.9% after 18 hours. Since the active ingredient is infiltrated at the fiber level of leather, the bacteria naturally decrease rather than grow. It also has excellent antibacterial and deodorant properties, so it can suppress unpleasant odors that have been stained by sweat or water. Furthermore, with S&G Leather, the original soft touch of leather and the fit that sticks to the hand remain the same.Therefore, you can enjoy the unique comfort of leather products more safely and securely. We believe that it is a leather material suitable for the present age when awareness of infectious disease prevention is increasing.  


Three features of S&G Leather


01Better antibacterial effect than before

It reduces 99.9% of bacteria that are harmful to the human body and cause odors that adhere to leather.  


02Persistence of antibacterial effect

The antibacterial effect of conventional antibacterial leather decreases due to friction etc. every time it is used. However, since S&G Leather is manufactured by infiltrating the active ingredient into the leather fibers, the antibacterial effect lasts for a long time.  


03High-quality genuine leather texture

You can also enjoy the flexibility, durability, and profound feeling unique to natural leather, which is different from synthetic leather.  


Test result of bacteriostatic effect of S&G Leather



Antibacterial / Antibacterial deodorant test certificate

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Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center<in 2020>


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