Bring out the original texture of leather to the utmost limit

“Unfinished leather” that minimizes the use of chemicals and expresses the soft touch of the leather itself.

Its soft texture fits well in the hand as it is used, and brings out a more tasty color and luster.

Unfinished leather is the state of “bare skin” in makeup.Since the look of leather is easy to appear, the quality cannot be deceived.

The technology to produce genuine raised leather is the result of many years of tireless efforts of skilled craftsmen.

Strong and supple,
the highest quality leather

“Unfinished leather for baseball gloves” that requires the highest level of technology.We have been involved in the manufacture of it for decades since its inception.

As a result, our baseball glove leather has been used in many professional model gloves.In recent years, it has been supplied to overseas sports equipment manufacturers around the world, and its quality has been highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas.

In addition to being strong enough to withstand intense play, baseball gloves also need to be supple to achieve the player’s desired movements.

Our baseball glove leather realizes strength, suppleness, and the original touch of leather.

“Strong, supple, and fits in your hand the more you use it.”

Genuine baseball glove leather is realized by the “highest technology” of craftsmen who have continued to make high-quality raised leather.

Bringing innovation
while inheriting tradition

“Tatsuno” boasts 400 years of history and tradition as one of Japan’s leading leather producing areas.It is our mission as the bearer of “Tatsuno leather” to pass on the manufacturing method to future generations.

However, nowadays, a large amount of cheap and good quality leather made overseas is in circulation.The road of decline will be inevitable just by continuing to make old-fashioned leather.

While preserving the tradition of Tatsuno leather, we will quickly grasp the needs of the times and customers and constantly pursue new value in leather.


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