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Nishioka Hehei Leather Factory, the predecessor of our company, has been involved in the manufacture of baseball glove leather since its establishment in 1966.Furthermore, since 2006, we have applied the technology of baseball glove leather to manufacture leather for various purposes such as gloves, bags, shoes, etc.In October 2016, the organizational structure was changed to a joint-stock company for further sustainable growth and development.As a leader of “Tatsuno leather” with history and tradition, we will continue to face the leather manufacturing site every day with the aim of providing more reliable quality and stable products.



Expanding the possibilities of “leather”

Since our founding, we have consistently pursued the technology of “Unfinished leather”.The texture and touch of leather is a unique attraction not found in other mass-produced materials.”Unfinished leather” maximizes the attractiveness of dyed leather by reducing the treatment of chemicals such as colorants and finishes as much as possible.On the other hand, not treating with chemicals also has the side of being prone to discoloration and spots. In order to make high-quality Unfinished leather, it is indispensable to face these conflicting elements and repeat trial and error. The technology of Unfinished leather, which has been tested over and over again and polished over many years, has gradually become recognized by many manufacturers. Thanks to you, we are now offering a wide range of Unfinished leather not only in Japan but also to major overseas companies. We would like to continue expanding the possibilities of the material “leather” through the Unfinished leather that brings together our technologies. That is our goal.
President and CEO
Tomio Goto
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Company Profile

Company name
Goto Leather Co., Ltd.
October 4, 2016 (Founded: 1966)
Company location
97-2 for the east of Ibocho Toyo, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture 679-4143
Tomio Goto
5 million yen
12 people
Leather manufacturing and sales
Main client


※About 7 minutes by car south from the Tatsuno IC exit on the Sanyo Expressway


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